Fun Activities for Car Trips with Kids

Between long car rides to see family for Christmas or Hannukah, and the long two week holiday from most public schools in the Northeast, we need some inspiration around here for some fun and games when we are away from home (and all those fun toys we got)- and trapped in a car with 5 other people- 4 of whom are not adults. Oh, help me!

Some of the ideas that I have had some luck with keeping the kids busy and happy for the car rides in the past are:

  • A metal lunch box and magnetic letters
  • A lunch box with legos inside
  • A bathroom over-the-door organizer filled with crayons/pencils/paper
  • Magnetic doll kits
  • Car BINGO games
  • Books, iPad, Barbies
  • Pencil Box with playing cards

I am also rounding up some of the best ideas that I have seen from around the BlogWorld. Visit their blogs for the details but here are 5:

  1. Questions for kids from The Measured Mom Blog


2.  Car Tricks & Hacks for Families from Kids Activities Blog

From Kids Activities Blog: great tips for the car ride ahead!

3.   25 Tips and Tricks for little kids on car rides at Take Off With Kids Blog

Some good ideas here, that I never think of!

4.  15 Best Road Trip Games for any age from Mrs. Fields Site (the cookie lady!)
Has games I’ve never heard like: Nifty or the Casserole Game

Car Games For any age!

5. Puzzles with Magnets (Genius!) at My Kind of Makeover Blog
   She adds magnets to crayons, stickers and has other great travel ideas here.

This is such a great idea!

Do you have any great ideas? I am not sure all these will be ones that we do- considering that some of them look like a lot of work! But I am very open to all new ideas that WORK to keep little ones from asking the dreaded question, “mom?  How much longer,  mom?”

Maddening!  Happy mom, happy kids.  Happy kids, happy mom!

Please leave me a comment and a link to the idea if you have one!



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