Running with Pain

runSo according to my running plan, I am supposedly in week 12 of the 20 week marathon wonder-run.

week 12 MonRest Tues4 m run Wed8 m run Thurs5 m run FriRest Sat12 SunCross

So now the reality sets in.  I pretty much ran 3 times last week.  Hilly but 6 miles was my tops.  Monday I took off, Tuesday I did 3 miles, today I took off when I should have run 8 miles.  Where? How?

After working all day, we had a preschool orientation and my husband had a meeting.  8 miles with have to go to Thursday after work.  Friday will be 5 miles. Saturday 12.

I left my roller somewhere in my summer travels so I need to order one. I have found rolling my legs has really prevented a lot of problems with my injury prone old-lady body! I recently switched from Sacony to Nike for my sneaks after getting a foot-analysis at Fleet Feet, a great running store chain.  They recommended an insert too after I showed to have high arches.  But instead of knee pain, which is gone now, I have new calf pulls, shin splints, and hip aches.  Oh boy!

The woman at the store did warn me that it would take a while to get used to the new shoes and that I might have some muscle soreness, as my muscles were so used to correcting/hurting me one particular way.  If I stretch a ton more, and pay attention to cross training with yoga and stretching, I am hoping this will correct itself.  Stay tuned.