Glass Half Full; Goals Half Done!

Have you ever started a project thinking that you could finish in 10 minutes, only to find that it was an all day project? I get that a lot! Looking at it in a productive way, you know you can finish the task completely an thoroughly. But what if you don’t have the dedicated amount of time today to get it done? Does it stretch into your plan for tomorrow or the week ahead? Scheduling a little bit every day to get it done?

When this happens at work, I am focused on all my tasks for the week and even weeks ahead in an orderly manner, making time to get projects done and finishing them. Yes, I actually said that I finish projects! Amazing!

Yet, at home I seem to have piles all over the place of things that I can never get to. I get distracted by the kids home from school, or things that get added constantly to my never ending list of things to do.

Prioritizing all these home tasks into a “have to do today” list and then a scheduled list of things to do over time is my goal and has been since January. Oops. Where does the time go? Well, this is my half-year check-in with my goals from January, and I can reassess how I am doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, year-long basis.

Here are my goals from January:

  • wake up early to exercise every day
  • reduce the meanness- no more yelling
  • eat more healthily and as a family
  • have the kids eat the same food that we do
  • travel to weekend trips with the kids
  • visit family 4 times a year
  • be a better friend- call more, send cards
  • save for Disney next spring
  • stay on top of a daily organization plan
  • look for a job that pays better and is closer to home
  • Drink 60 ounces of water daily
  • Take my vitamins, see doctors regularly
  • Stay on track for the weekly meal plan
  • Start a blog (check!)

So far, I am not doing half bad. The yelling thing is a daily struggle, and the meal plan has been slacking with crazy activities for the kids and a summer schedule that is a little to laisse-faire.  But I have been healthier and making a conscious effort to reach out to new and old friends.

I think a new planner is in the works for September and a HUGE calendar to keep track of all we have going on. Hopeful posts to come on organization and keeping on task to reach those goals!