Go For a Run! My Running Wish-List for May

It has been ideal for running, as far as our weather here in New England: cool, low humidity, not too much wind. for me, this is the best type of weather…Except the pollen! Oh my word, friends. I haven’t laced up my new shoes in 3 weeks! Well, 2 weeks ago, I did do a 3 mile run, but then proceeded to get bogged down with allergies and a wicked bronchitis type of cold. It has been B.A.D.!

I always think a break from regular routine is good, so that I appreciate what I have missed during my lounge-time, but enough is enough! I am sick of being sick! I need NO allergies and my lungs to feel clear and light again! So my #1 Wish is for nice, pollen-free weather. Can we make this happen please?

Running Faves May 2016 | Hardly A GoddessMy #2 Wish is that I hope my mojo hasn’t fallen off too far from the wagon! I want to try out these new shoes some more and have an excuse to buy some cute running gear, which is my Wish #3!

Here’s my running-wear wish-list to feel that motivation to get out there soon:

Running Faves May 2016 | Hardly A Goddess

And for shopping, these are, clockwise from top-left corner:

  1. Oiselle: Birds of a Feather Tank, look at how pretty, and long- key for a long-torso gal!
  2. ThugLife: “World’s Okayest Runner”, because it makes me smile, and maybe it’s true~
  3. Flip Belt: Original Belt, man, I need something to bring all my junk!
  4. Victoria’s Secret: Incredible Sport Bra, High impact and comes in tons of fun colors!
  5. Oiselle: Distance Shorts, 2 zip pockets and an internal pocket for a key (or Advil!)
  6. Lululemon: What the Sport? Tee, lots of colors and flares to not cling at the bottom.
  7. R-Gear: Handheld 10oz. water bottle, I need this!

Do you have a wish list of running gear, too? I actually have a longer list, but these are some of my right-this-minute wants and sort-of needs! The sneaks were the only real need, but the bra is super important, I must say! Have a great day, and I hope you get to enjoy a run or exercise today! I am still in my PJs. That would be a good start. Get dressed. Hmmm. Wish me luck!

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10 thoughts on “Go For a Run! My Running Wish-List for May

  1. runandlivehappy

    I hear ya on the pollen! It’s awful and causes my asthma to act up. There is no way I can run when the count is high! I got to where I was checking the pollen count more than I was checking the temperatures! I just bought a flip belt and LOVE it! It’s the best belt I have ever had. It doesn’t move and it has so much room! I bought mine at an expo and they told me that depending on where you want to wear it ( around my hips) you will need a size bigger otherwise it will ride up looking for a smaller place. It’s totally worth the money!!

  2. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

    I have the flip belt an it’s great. You certainly can fit a lot of stuff in it.
    I have a feeling I missed my window of “perfect running temps” when I was on my running hiatus. Now that I’m back at it its 89 degrees!

  3. Kelly @ Noodle to the Rescue

    Haha, I love that shirt! The Lulu shirt looks nice too.
    I just went on a little summer running shopping spree – New shoes and a couple pairs of shorts and a new sports bra (all from Brooks) and hoping to pick up some decent race shirts this summer!

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