Goal Accomplished: Running a Marathon!

running a marathon!I

After months of training, and lots of stress about, “can I do this?”, “why am I doing this?”, or “is this stupid?,” I have accomplished a long-standing goal of mine: to run a marathon.

Did I answer my questions? Yes! I CAN do this, I am fulfilling a dream, and this is stupid…but SO worth it, and not really stupid when you look at the broader picture of the former two answers.  I think it is important to set goals for yourself, not only to give yourself something to work toward and to give you a sense of purpose and challenge in your life, but also in the accomplishing of the task, to give you fulfillment.  I enjoy the journey, the ride, but the finish is the sweet ending to this story…as miles 18-24 brought a keen awareness of my lack of physical strength, but also a sense of my very good emotional, mental strength.  I am way strong people.  I can take it.  Mentally, I am nails, and my body is the jello!

reaching the end of marathon

The end, was a welcome boost to my diminishing resolve. But then, I could really sense that this was almost over, and I didn’t want to leave any energy in me to spare.  So I booked the last 2 1/2 miles to finish strong – and happy.


And then, because we had the kids at my in-laws, I got a date with my MoonDog.

date post marathon

Awesome selfie, huh? You can tell we don’t get out much!

Reflecting on my mindset over the race has been pretty interesting.  I can laugh about it a bit, but it really was mind-blowing for me.  The bell-curve of emotions and physicality of it are a metaphor for life: Easy at the start, and I was very thankful for the opportunity to do this…as thing got more challenging, I was nervous, my faith waning…then as things got really bad, when even the mantras and positive self-talk didn’t help, I was cursing the existence and idea of the marathon…then nearing the end, and sensing a relief, my positive outlook came back in spades with a new-found resolve and faith to carry me through until the finish.  Hmmm.  See what I mean?

Other than the deep-thoughts that 4 1/2 hours of running (without people to talk to or listening to music) will give you, it also gave me a bad knee (but not a broken one!) and an inability to walk today, the day after! HAHA to me! Serves me right! Once I start walking again, this is going to be great! Right?  We shall see.  What is next? This also, we shall see. Stay tuned!



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