H.A.G. Cookie Baking Round Up! All the cookies, all the time!


Have you started your holiday baking yet? Have you been done for weeks, and have them tucked away in freezer containers, labeled by date and type of cookie, alphabetized by the first letter? I didn’t think so! I haven’t started my baking yet, and to be honest, I usually do it in a whirlwind of a few days(and nights) of straight out cookie baking. It seems more fun this way and efficient, as I tend to not have the ingredients of butter, butter, and more butter on hand all the time!

We like rolled, dropped, shaped, filled, raised and any kind of cookie there is. I am sharing my favorites from last year, in hopes that I will get some ideas of what new ones to bake and which cookies to retire. Unfortunately the pictures aren’t so good…I admittedly have gotten better at pics, but baking late at night is not great for beautiful cookie-pics!

12 Days of Cookies

Day 1: Mom’s Molasses

Any cookie exchange should have one or two spice cookies, and this is my one.  I make another, as you will see, but for now you must wait.  This recipe is great for a cookie exchange as it makes 4 dozen cookies!  When they are cooled, Put into a ziplock and freeze until you need them.

Day 2: Orange drops with dark chocolate

These little lovelies looks so pretty and fancy – a perfect unique cookie to have in the cookie-tin!  When I made them for a cookie exchange, they were a big hit: everyone asked for this recipe.  That is when you know it is a keeper!
orange chocolate cookie drops

Day 3: Butter pecan maple cookies

Maple adds such a different texture and loveliness to this cookie.  A must try.

Day 4No-Bake Crispy Chocolate Balls

Truly the underdog of the bunch, date ball recipes are all over the place right now.  Mine are a little different because I add Rice Krispies at the end, to add the best texture to this underrated cookie.No Bake Healthy Chocolate Balls

Day 5: Hello Dolly Bars

The easiest and also most delicious of my cookie recipes is this one. Even if you don’t care for graham crackers, this combination of flavors is addictive and like a special secret candy that you wonder why you don’t make these the year around.  Then you eat four of them, and know why you don’t make them the year around!Hello Dolly Bars

Day 6: Amy’s Hollywood Squares

Long days ago…If I was lucky enough to be at my friend Amy’s house after school, there was always the possibility that her mom would whip up these Hollywood Squares.  Oh my aching heart! These are just the best, sweetest, homemade peanut butter cup-like things ever! They bring me right back~Hollywood Squares

Day 7: Sugar Cookie Cut-outs

Now,  these aren’t the prettiest, I will admit. In fact, some are downright ugly! And the process isn’t always a smooth one (spilled eggs, sugar everywhere); But it is the best to see your kids see the process from start to finish and love it!

sugar cookie cut-outs

Day 8: Gingerbread Cut-outs

Cut-outs are fun: you get to pick the shape, and then decorate with your own creative talents- or enlist the kids to do it for you.  A little continuation of the fun with kids and cookie making~

Day 9: Surprise! Stuffed Chocolate Chippers

This is your day off {from making cookies from scratch that is}. Using just a tube of your favorite pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough, stuffed with yummy candy and then finally baked. Thank you and you’re welcome!stuffed chocolate chippers

Day 10: Peanut Kissespeanut butter blossoms

Day 11: Spritz Cookies

These are so pretty and a classic cookie to have in hand at the holidays. I love these- they remind me of my grandmother, and I am not even sure she made them. That and a bowl of butterscotch candies – somethings, are just reminiscent of a grandma…it is not a show-offy or overly donecookie- just an understated lovely bite.spritz cookie

Day 12Haystacks

Yes, these are the ugliest cookies that you have ever seen. Yes, they are the easiest. Even easier than the others. Yes, you will have one and then wonder why they taste SO good. Crazy cookie, but fun to have…


So I have others too, all pinned nicely in my Cookie Board on Pinterest, but I also am thinking of going off-list and making a few more festive cookies to share with you soon, so stay tuned~

Here’s the summary of today’s share:

What is your have-to-have Holiday cookie?

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      Hi Anne! Grandma Chloe- though I don’t think she ever made them- they just always make me feel reminis P.cent…remembering Christmas at her house is a topic that has come up so often as I am sharing how I grew up having to wait…and wait…to open presents. Do you remember Christmas with her at all? All of my holiday memories are in that house!P.S. I am honored that you are reading this at all! I hope you are getting some sleep with the new little one! xoxo

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    Your Cookie Roundup is wonderful with so many delicious cookies, I can’t wait to try some of them! Thanks for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great week and come back soon!
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