HAG Finds & Favorites for Friday!

This week’s finds are over the top- Check them out:

What I Made (Food):

Golden Seafood Chowder from Taste of Home. Simple ingredients and NO can-of-weirdness soups in order to make soup- I hate that. Isn’t that weird to need soup to make soup? This has some dairy that I lighten up by using low-fat versions. I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I love this soup- though my picky eaters didn’t, so they get the grilled cheese if they won’t eat it! This has become a soup staple for me.

My Iced Mocha  (fast & healthy version!) afternoon-fix. Oh boy. these are clearly becoming a habit and I love them almost as much as my husband now.

iced mocha healthy and fast

Tacos, the easiest family dinner (aside from Spaghetti and meatballs). Except I ate it over salad, and everyone else did what they do: Two are normal taco people, and 1 only eats just the shell, and the other two, (because they have to do everything the same as the other) eat the shell filled with rice only. this is my family people. We are crazy [eaters].

What I didn’t make, but am slightly obsessed with(Food):

How to Make Homemade Protein Powder at Teaspoon of Spice – Can we just say “Sneaky Chef”?! This could make my picky-eater-kid grow finally, not to mention give me some muscles. It has 3 ingredients that I can buy in a normal grocery store, and NO sweeteners, so that I can add my own. Plus it’s uber-cheap. I am in.

TED Talks/You Tube/Videos I watched:

Now, this is a video I do NOT recommend. Unless you are a child. And if you want to see your children laugh at something that makes NO sense at all, and isn’t really that funny, but they are still watching it over and over, and laughing so hard they cry… then maybe watch it:

See? I don’t get it. But I watched it. Ugh.

Books Reading:

Well! I finished the Marriage Plot, and The Woman Who Stole My Life– both excellent- you can see my quickie review on GoodReads.

I am currently doing the audio-book for the sequel to Me Before You, by JoJo Moyes. This one is aptly titled, Me After You. Duh. So far, I am 1 disk in and stopped crying only for one minute. It is not for the weak, people. You need to be prepared to cry and drive at the same time…tricky, but so far, I am enjoying it.

I am also reading, and reviewing (coming soon here!) the second Romance novel of my reading life, called Because of Miss Bridgerton, by Julia Quinn. She manages to be smart, incredibly funny, and mildly (not porno-style) romantic. I am leaving the review for later, but stay tuned, or read the first one, which I reviewed here before, called The Duke and I:

I am participating in Book Riot’s Book Challenge this year.

This is really a fun way to change up what you normally might choose to read and also give you some direction on what to read next. So far, my abnormal read picks, have yet to be read, but they have a whole list (get a pdf here) of books types like Read an author from Southeast Asia, Read a food memoir, read a play….so you can pick whatever book you want that fits into the criteria- so there is freedom, but a little direction, and even if you are a book snob, you can expand your horizons! I am loving the challenge of it. Plus it is yet another way to motivate me to read more this year- always a good thing!

Shows watching:

See my post last week… Still watching…and onto Ray Donovan on Showtime. Oh Liev Schrieber…be still my heart.

image via: Wikimedia Commons


  1. Groceries. It isn’t all fun and games, my friends!
  2. Birthday presents for kids. Here are some of the requests, and some things that I just like!
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That is it!

This was fun! Sharing is good! Did you like this read? Then share it below or give me your comments and have a great weekend!

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  1. luciepalka

    Hey, thanks for sharing that link about homemade protein powder. I looked into it, looks good! Reading is something I don’t do enough since I have my little one and blogging takes up a lot of my free time! Maybe I”ll get into it iagain n the summer.

    1. hardlyagoddess@gmail.com Post author

      I had no idea you could actually MAKE your own protein powder, but it doesn’t seem crazy at all! Yes- blogging is a time-suck, but I have been doing book reviews for the blog lately, so it makes me actually read for the posts!! bonus, completely!

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