HAG’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

hag top 10 blog posts 2015So here’s the low-down on my year of blogging.

These are my top 10, most viewed posts from the past year:

#1: Twins: My Best Tips for Twin Moms to Stay Sane
#2: 8 Years Old! Everafter High Girls Birthday Party
#3: 5 Great Chicken Recipes to Get Out of a Dinner Rut
#4: Review: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products
#5: Potato Pancakes Redux: Whole 30 Healthier Version
#6: Day 31: End of Whole 30
#7: E-cloth Review
#8: Menu Plan Monday: March 15-21
#9: Menu Plan Monday: Week 1, Whole30
#10: Cleaning the Car Without Chemicals: E-cloth Review

What?! This is crazy.

Seriously. This is troublesome for me, since I thought recipes were my reason for my blog-being. That and maybe some health-posts…which don’t even register here. Also, I have all but decided to give up on menu plan posts, but these got tons of hits this past year. Why? Menu plans are boring! I am now wondering what I think people most like to read about here on my blog, and I think, you are as confused as me! I write about quite a variety of topics, from twin-mom stuff to cleaning the car, to reading a book to the latest diet…Too much of a good thing?  Perhaps.  My goals this year encompasses the DIY-ing of my house into a home that I want to live in, and making food that I want to eat, and reading great books and trying out great products. I literally just want to share ALL the things with you!

I am quiet blog-wise this past week and maybe for a few more days…planning what this Hardly A Goddess (Master of None, Jackie of All Trades) Blog will be in the next year. Whatever it will look like, it will look different from last year.  Staying the same is not interesting to me. Change is good. Change is growth. Change is interesting. I hope you will continue to read and live a little life here with me.

I thank you for viewing whatever you decide to on this blog. No matter the “top” views…I will keep on – keepin’ on.  Have a wonderful New Year!