Happiness, Day 3

I am on day three of this happiness experiment from Sar Gottfried, that claims if I state three things that went well today, and also one thing, to stop, I will gain 6 extra months of happiness on the back end. So here goes:

  • Today my job offered to give me full time hours instead do part time for the temporary break of my job share ( yes, this is a good thing, because MoonDog has been asking if full time work might for me suit our family needs better now that the twins are a bit older
  • I traveled safely to work, to a wake 60 miles away, and back home again.
  • I got to kiss my kids goodnight and talk about their days because I got home before they fell asleep
  • The one thing I will stop doing: folding laundry, when it can wait.

    Sanity is precious people. I choose happiness. I will it. Misery and negativity feed on themselves, so the more unhappiness you have around you, you need to build up you immunity to it, or your defense system against it overtaking your own feelings. By increasing your own happiness, I think it is a strategy that just like taking a multi-vitamin works to give you a baseline to work from. Hmmm. Let’s end the night on this. Thank you, Day 3.