Happiness Investment, Day 2

So my last post described this one week trial for me in investing one minute everynight, to reap the benefits of 6 months added happiness to my life. Why not do it?! Well if you are sick, tired, sick and tired, then you may not care for this. But it really only takes one single minute. Not too shabby of an investment if you ask me.
Here’s my list of three things that went well day 2:

  • I made dinner in time for everyone to eat before softball.
  • I transplanted two perennials before 9 am.
  • I folded two loads of laundry (other three had to wait. Actually, I combined two loads into one basket, so does that now count as 1?
  • What I will stop doing: staying angry. Why someone else has the power to ruin my day, is the worst thing. I will try to squelch my stubborn streak. Try-ing!