Happy October! A New Month-Long Clear the Clutter Challenge!

Happy October. I have a new challenge for you this month!

31 days

Clearing the cobwebs! I want to put up pretend cobwebs at the end of this month and clear out all the real ones! Now I am not talking aboutt mental cobwebs- those, you will have to deal with on your own (ginkobiloba!) The actual fuzz balls hiding the corners of my house are the dust-devils that I want to purge, and I have a plan that will break it down for us over the course of the month, and then I hope November will bring some other projects to ready us for the Eating Day. You may call it Thanksgiving. Ok then… And then there are a few other days in December that I need to get the house ready for, so clearing the path for fun is my end-goal here- are you with me??!!

Just like an archer, we need to be able to see the target, before we can aim to hit it- Let’s set up a plan of attack. Today is the first day of our first week. Each week on Thursday I will post an inspiring organizational tip or hack to motivate you on this project- The beauty of my checklist is that you can do it all in a day, or spread the work out week by week, or over the month. Join me!

clutter free

To keep you motivated all month long, HAG will post daily Facebook and Instagram prompts as well as weekly blog posts. Be sure to follow @hardlyagoddess and be sure to also share your own de-cluttering challenge tips & ideas using hashtag #ClearClutterHAG.

Join the challenge.  The worst that can happen is that you start decluttering and make a little mess.   But the BEST that could happen is that you donate and trash a bunch of stuff you never use and your house and mind are lighter, you have space to organize what you do want to have, and you can think about what you do want or need and make a wish-list for the upcoming holidays!

To join the challenge, click HERE to receive the Clear the Clutter Checklist. Or, you can follow along on at HardlyAGoddess or follow Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Best of all, it’s fun, it’s free, and you are Clearing the Clutter!

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