Having Guests

  1. Living out of close range from my parents and some of our friends, we have sleepover guests at a regular rate. Unfortunately for them, our “playroom” serves as our guest space. It is a big room with a sitting area (read: mildewy couch) and a nice double bed (read: 25 year old mattress). Despite all this luxury, I like still like to think about what make my guests more comfortable, and in the case of my parents, it usually involves trying to think like they would (read: impossible!).  Here are some tips:
    1. temperature control: in the winter, give extra blankets, and in the summer, offer a fan or air-conditioner.
    2. Make sure towels are in their room- face towels and washclothes too- This said, make sure there is a hook in their room that is available to hand, the towel, so it stays away from little grimey children!
    3. Food: remember older folks don’t eat as much as we do, and remember younger folks eat a lot more, so make extras!
    4. Fun: sometimes people just like to lay around- and not get dragged to all kind of “fun” entertainment… But restless folks may want to run an errand or go somewhere to get a change of scene.

There could be lots more bullet points, but I think you get the drift. Think like your guest would- or at least try to anticipate what would make them comfortable. It is not all about you (really?!), and if you want them to visit again, it’s good to keep that in mind. If you don’t want them to come again, just tell your kids that it’s open-season…and the playroom is open for businesss!