Healthy On-the-go Snacks for Kids or Adults

I don’t know about you, but summer is the ultimate in packing picnics and snacks for impromtu playdates, picnics, beach outings and all those times where you are away from home and need something to eat before everyone melts into a puddle of whining and crying.  And I am not just talking about the kids…I know a few dads and moms who do the same and it’s not pretty!

I have always kept peanut butter crackers stashed in the glove-boxes of my cars, so that I had an emergency protein snack for my kids.  While this is not the healthiest snack, it is easy, and non-perishable. I learned the hard way, stuck in traffic with a hungry child that snacks were a MUST for us.  While you may not love the peanut butter crackers, there are lots of other items to put away in various amounts, without worrying about moldiness or melt – They are:

fruit snacks, fruit rolls, dried fruit, applesauce (with spoon), rice cakes, pretzels, individual peanut butter packages,graham crackers, animal crackers, meat jerky, nuts, water bottles

car snacks pack

I cannot tell you how much you will use this stash.  Not only is it healthier, but it is cheaper by far than stopping along the ride, or buying something at the closest place (a favorite coffee conglomerate springs to mind!) just to have a snack.  All of these things, you can just LEAVE in the car.  For the summer.  For the entire summer.  That means you are prepared! You are ready to road-trip. You can snack without worry.

car snacks

For those times where I can plan ahead a bit, I can pack a cooler. So, to make my life so much easier and happier, we can pack fruit, boiled eggs, cheese and crackers, juice boxes, individual hummus packs, yogurt sticks, veggie sticks, cheese sticks, and basically everything else…because you have planned ahead and have a cooler. It’s called a picnic. Welcome to living outside your house. Now there should be no crying. By mom, dad, or anyone in-between!  Happy Travels!

*Just hide this stash well. Little people can see through a sealed box like this or maybe they just sniff it out…I hide mine under the passenger front seat.  Just saying.  Maybe you won’t have that problem~

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