Help! I have stinky diapers!

I have been cloth diapering in addition to using my name-brand paper diapers for six months now.  I love love love using this hybrid technique, as it suits both my desire for lessening the impact on the earth, as well as being realistic about the needs of others, namely my husband, part-time daycare, and babysitters.

For the most part all has gone without a hitch.  Until recently, my diaps have always been clean smelling, and the boys haven’t had trouble with rashes. If they did, I would just adjust the rinses, or detergent and it would fix itself.

So the last week, I have been almost knocked to the floor with the terrible odor of ammonia.  Enter Google: ammonia smell cloth diapers.  Results abounded, many with great controversy: use vinegar – NEVER use vinegar – use more detergent – use LESS detergent.  What is one to do?

Time to strip.  The diapers that is.  I just washed without detergent, 5 times in a large load with HOT water.  I don’t have very many diapers; 15 of various kinds: AIO’s, pocket, and inserts. So far, so good.  I am emailing the detergent manufacturer for a recommendation.  I’ll let you know how it goes.