How I wash my face

This came to me by chance. I have been trying to pare down my stash of face cleaners and cosmetics, plus it was all getting totally gross and I-don’t-know how old!  I have a weird eye condition that I have no idea what it is, but the doctor’s tell me it will last on and off forever…lovely.  The reaction leaves me looking a bit like a rabbit: red lined eyes without any make-up, and sometimes scaly eyelids…lovely some more.

I use the doc-prescribed steroid ointment, which is wonderful in clearing it all up, but in the off chance that I can keep it from coming back, I’ve been doing some research of my own…never a good idea if you are prone to melodrama or anxiety with your medical history, but okay in my case, as my disposition lends itself to moderation and a healthy mix of doctor and natural remedies…whatever works, right?!

So, the eye issues aren’t resolved…BUT! I did find a great new way to wash my face, that leaves it soft and clear, and is cheap to do (read: no expensive products!): The Oil Cleaning Method.  I first learned about it here, which led me to here, and then I went to VitaCost (my new favorite shopping site) and ordered all my ingredients: $12 total.

It’s easy to do, and so far I really like it.  The cons are that you need to spend atleast 3 minutes to wash your face and be regular about the habit of doing it nightly.  The pros are how my skin feels/looks, it’s cheap, the mixture can be tweaked as to how dry/oily I am at the moment, and I am not using any crazy ingredients on my skin (++).  I have been mixing each wash separately, but I’ll be trying to do a larger mix and put it in a little bottle, so it’s more convenient, especially if I need to travel (because I do some much of that… harhar!- just saying!).

*If you link to VitaCost to order, you will receive a $10 discount of  your purchase…and so will I.