How to Kill the Fun

It was a great and productive day, until I decided to be just that little bit more awesome. I haven’t really done any more of my 30 bags in 30 days project, so I thought I’d just take on an easy fix-it project of cleaning the tops and surrounds of my washer and dryer. Never mind that I had two full loads of laundry in, 2 girls who needed to be somewhere in 30 minutes, 2 boys who hadn’t napped – which means they were a bit crazy, and dinner getting prepped in stages.

Now, I know this is a recipe for disaster, having had an almost exact scenario happen, the day my ceiling caved in. Oh boy! I am feeling extra good remember that now!

Scenario: Not only did I pull my dryer away from the wall and dislodge the tubing that connects the dryer vent to the wall, but it totally ripped apart. Did i just do that? there was lots of duct tape already there like someone before me had jerry-rigged the thing. talk about a fire hazard. this has been on my list since taking the house four years ago. so I do what i was there for. i cleaned under the darn thing. it was gross, and it really makes the whole show Fell like it was worth it.

Not to be deterred, I pull the dryer even farther and decide to locate my husband, turn off the stove, take my kids to their activity, and wonder how I will fix this. But first….what? First, what?

First, I want to unclog the sink in the upstairs bathroom. “Nooooooo” you say? Yes. Yes I did. But not really. I actually broke the drain, and clogged it more, and now my husband has to do more work than I have already created for him.

This could have been a great blog entry about “how to change a dryer vent tube” or “how to easily unclog your drain in 2 minutes without chemicals”…but it isn’t. I was pushing myself past the point of focus, and not thinking about how this would work out. I did pick up the kids from their activity, I did feed the family all at once, and I did get them to bed on time…but my husband had to fix all the things I had broken.

Slow down. Thank you, husband for fixing without getting mad at me. Thank you kids for being so patient that dinner was super late, and your mom is crazed. I am a fixer myself so often, that I forget that my family fixes too. Thank you to them, because today, I kind of killed the fun.

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