How to plan a trip to Disney in 5 minutes a day

How to plan a trip in 5 minutes a day? Do it for 365 days! That’s about how long it feels that I’ve been doing it!

The tip here, is just never feel the need to book it…Just look at all the amazing possibilities and then finally one day, either there are no choices left, or only one possible way to do it.

Process of elimination.  A very passive process, but effective.

All joking aside, we just booked our flights and our hotel for a weekend not too far in the future, and we are very proud of ourselves for finally selecting a great resort (that we wanted in a proactive way!) that our 2 princesses will love. Now the day to day planning needs to happen: meals, naps, etc. this is the fun and frustrating part, as reservations are tried, and tried again. I’ve been advised to get going on this part, so that’s exactly what I am doing…wish us luck!