In Defense of Audio Books: 3 Good Reasons to Listen-Up

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Do you read audio books? I should re-phrase.

Do you “read” audio books?

Ha! There are some, and I was one, who believe that audio books aren’t the same as paper books.  It isn’t really “reading” unless you read in paper format…or maybe kindle, or ipad format too… In defense of audio books, I’d like to tell you a few reasons why I like them:

Reason #1

I also have a commute that is over an hour- radio gets pretty old, so audio books have been a great way to pass the time.  Instead of radio talk shows or the same songs played endlessly, I get to feel productive, and that I have used my few hours alone in a way that doesn’t feel wasteful.

Enter the book that I just finished:

It was the The Dog Stars (Vintage Contemporaries), which was really very good- quickly bringing me to my next point:

Reason #2

I never would have read this paper version of this book.  I have a long list of paper-only books that I want to read, so most things outside of this list, get put on a “read later” list that I just never seem to get to.  If This “B” list has any titles that I can listen to on an audio book, than I will.

In fact, by listening to it, I think I liked it more than I probably would have, had I been reading it on paper. By listening to someone read you a book- you are a passive participant.  You can just let the reader control the pace and the way the content moves ahead.  If I read a paper book, and it is paced slowly, I just give up, not having the patience to wait to see how the story progresses. Especialy if the book is a hugely long one…those are my favorites to listen to, since I don’t have the time to ever finish reading a good, long, book in paper form. {sigh}


This is sort of part of #2, but more about the reader.  If you get an audiobook where you don’t like the voice of the reader (the person whose voice you will hear for the very long commute), it is absolutely painful!  I usually stop listening to the book.  I know I just said that having someone read the book to me is one of the reasons I like audio books, so I will explain why I include this.

The Lacuna: A Novel (P.S.) by Barbara Kingsolver

Now for the reasons above, I have never read this paper version: it’s on the B list of books that I want to read in print, too long, and not as current a title as I need to keep up with my reading these days!  BUT the audio book’s narrator is Barbara Kingsolver.  I love when the author actually reads their own audio book! When this happens, they read at a cadence and pace that they originally intended when they were writing the book which is really nice.  You get to be pulled in really well, because the author is so interested in their own story!  I am surprisingly loving this book, when I have tried to pick the paper version up three different times, and could never get it going…

So these are 3 good reasons you should try an audio book on your next long car-ride or trip.  I am sure I can think of lots of other good reasons, but really I just like finishing a book.  Whether I read it in paper or audio really isn’t the point anymore for me, although I do make note of it on my Goodreads list, so I can keep track of what format I read it in.

I do still have my print book want to read list: (see widget on my sidebar)

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I hope you will try an audio book too!

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  1. eatsandexercisebyamber

    I am one of those people who cannot really “do” nothing. So an audio book would not be good for me, since I cannot listen and learn information while doing other things…I would rather read a paper book!

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