Inspiration for Moms In a Hurry

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I am reading a book right now, that speaks to fellow moms and parents who struggle with trying to fit it all in- work, family, friends- and enjoy every moment. Aren’t we all? Trying, I mean?  The author of the book is Katrina Kenison.  She is, I think, pretty well known in some circles, at least circles of moms. But she wasn’t known to me, and so, after now reading her work, I am sharing her with you.

This is the one that I am reading now:

Not on my normal reading list. Can you read the fine print? It says, “Mitten Strings for G-d,; Reflections for mothers in a hurry.”

Yup. That is me. In a hurry.

And so are most of the moms that I am friends with too.

Here’s a quote:

When I stop myself, when I draw a circle of stillness around me, my children are drawn into that peaceful place.  They visibly relax…(24).

Always in a hurry.  Relax.

Here is  another of her books:

I haven’t read this one, but I will. And then she also has a new one… but this ISN’T a sponsored post! You can go to her blog and see for yourself all the more that she has and is!

Those of you  who may know me, are always surprised by by own feelings about faith, but know I keep it to myself and I don’t create borders around it or try to define it too much.  I was raised without any religious guidance really, but we celebrated both Christmas and Hanakah.  My childhood best friends were Catholic and Born-Again Christians. My sister studies Buddhism and my grandparents were an array of Presbyterian, Methodist, Orthodox Jewish, Reform Judaism and Mormon (converted). Seriously.

So needless to say, you can’t fit my thoughts about faith in a tidy box. But I do appreciate the over-arching messages that religion provides, without question, and know that for me, faith is extremely important.  I don’t talk about it very much, but I do like to read about it and find inspiration in this.

Kenison’s book has been a really nice diversion from a busy, hectic life.  Her delivery, is really very open and honest and I can just read a 4-5 page chapter, put it down, and then think about it all day long as I go through my day. Nice.  If you find inspiration by reading, you may enjoy her reflections.

I will leave you with this one:

It is not what I do as a mother, but who I am as  a human being that will make a deep and lasting impression on my children (Katrina Kenison, Mitten Strings,161).


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