Inspiration for Moms: Keeping the Oil Burning

So this is what I am doing today:

The Before Pile

So…This is real.

Yes. This is a real picture of my actual disgusting drop-area in the house -but you know there is more than just the one!  I have started {to think about} the Spring Clean. The boring regularity of everyday life. This is authenticity my friends.  My house is a mess! And you can see that this is not a metaphor.

My metaphorical house (ME, in case that wasn’t clear) is doing just fine, thank you.  I am sticking to a pretty healthy meal plan, exercising regularly, and taking the Vitamin D. Yes, I am fine.  What needs work is my actual house.  But I think these are connected; Me and this house.

These surrounding walls do need some work.  But I am finding it hard to motivate despite the piles growing around me.  I just started with one little pile and I did attack it first thing this morning.

The After Clean up

This is the “After” Pile-Place. Ready for more stuff now!

Already am feeling better.  The purge of junk, whether it is in your actual home or the metaphor for your body, can feel so good. The problem for me has never been, the doing of a daunting task.  That is the easy part. It is the starting…and seeing through to the finish that I think takes the mental toughness, and the motivation to keep it going.  So first, we just have to start.  Start with a little pile and then hopefully, like the pictures above, you will see a difference.

Tidy Up

I may even dust. Now, that is close to a miracle in this house!  As you know, I like to read to get inspired, so I want to share a beauty from Mother Theresa:

mother theresa

These true “drops” of love and everyday kindnesses are the oil in our lamps, the motivation to get going.  Doing something nice for yourself can give you back the energy that can waterfall into lots of positive things… Like cleaning your house.

I plan to get outside in this sunshine and enjoy the park with the boys, and go for a walk or run All day long, I will be feeding, cleaning, driving, fixing…so I need to keep my own flame burning. Do something for me, and then something for everyone else.

I am a true believer in balance in all things, and life-balance gets off kilter for moms more than anyone, I think.  We are in constant motion, tidying, fixing, feeding, cleaning, mending, brushing…and on it goes 24/7/365.  When we take the time to STOP and do something for ourselves, we can feel the love reflected back.

We can only be loving if we are loved, and sometimes moms have to do a little of that for themselves.

What will you do for yourself today?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration for Moms: Keeping the Oil Burning

  1. Diane

    …I like this one & it’s hitting home for me! Today I am going to walk during lunch…I need to walk. NOT run…just walk! xoxox

    1. Post author

      Diane, I love that you are doing something for YOU. I hope you did go walk. It was beautiful here…We did go to the zoo and park- it was really nice~ This book by Mother Theresa by the way, I think you would love. Also the “Mitten Strings for G-d” book- I think of you when I read them – good mom-inspiration.

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