Inspiration to Read: Pat Williams

inspiration to read: Pat williams

Like most of you, I have so many goals this year that span the full spectrum of areas: running, meal planning, blogging, getting outdoors, organizing, renovating my house, spending time with the kids, and reading.

While I don’t necessarily need inspiration,  to read, I need to find and make the time every day to get it done. I need to prioritize reading as something that I must do and want to do every day. I don’t mean reading for work or to my kids really. I want to have some dedicated reading time for my books. I have a list…(Goodreads)!

During my “day” job, I was looking for a reading challenge for our students (at a college level), and as a prolific writer and reader himself, Pat Williams was the person who I stumbled upon. He is a sports exec. and motivational speaker (which I didn’t know at first) who has serious but simple plan for getting his reading in every day:

Read one hour every day.

He has written 100 books, not the least of which is this guy:

From Pat Williams on what the book is:

It’s a book to challenge people. Turn the TV off a little bit. Carry books with you. Get up a little bit earlier. Instead of an hour and a half lunch, eat at your desk. The time is there.

And I am totally inspired. Not only to read, but to write. Even with his job as a high-level executive with a National Basketball team, father to 19 kids, 14 of whom are adopted, a four-a year marathoner… he carves out time every day to read AND write….a lot!  His most recent book, is this one:

I am so happy to have found his work and find some motivation to carry a book with me wherever I go, and to read. I hope you check him out~