Inspire Me: Enjoy the Parenting

Inspire me quote for kids and teaching

There are so many times, that I rush around trying to do things myself: faster, better, faster…that I don’t see that my kids are watching. They see that I am working instead of enjoying my daily life. Since I want them to appreciate what goes into making a life, and not just think that things will be done for them, I need to remember to slow down and let them help.

This little scenario played out last night as I was finishing up the dishes and about to do the floor. I asked her to help me a little, by sweeping.

My little: Are you going to pay me?

Me: Nope.

Little: Why not?

Me: Because you are part of this family. And we all do our part to help out. Grab the broom.

And so she did. I gave her my spray mop too. Which she looked at as a real treat. Seriously. She asked if she could mop. They love this mop. And it was perfectly done! Well, perfect for me. I got to do some straightening up as she was mopping, and another little, helped with laundry. It was a group effort, and I didn’t feel like a jerk that was being forced to clean, while everyone else was having fun. No more martyr, right?

My word to reflect on this year is “Enjoy” and I want to enjoy my home, not feel burdened by it.I am inspired by the positive result of last night,  to continue to show my kids how to do more to help keep the house nice. I think involving them in working as a family, to accomplish these little tasks, makes them feel proud of helping to create this nice feeling  of ‘home.’

And I get my floor mopped. So, there’s that, of course!

I read all sorts of blogs on the daily, not a few of which are about raising my kids. I get so many good ideas and support from other moms (or dads) that have great life-hacks or parenting approaches that make sense and are helpful.  Sometimes when you are in the middle of something, you can’t see the bigger picture: which for me, is to raise happy, well adjusted kids. If you are like me, most days, you are just trying to get through the craziness of the day! These are just a couple of my faves:

Hands Free Mama– This is a slow read, because I am literally studying it. I want to absorb and practice every last one of her words. It is a game changer and she has a blog too, which is easier to read in little bits, which I do that too!

Life as Mom– I have been reading her blog for a looong time, and she never fails to inspire me as a parent. She has a different lifestyle than I do, but her approach and no-nonsense parenting, and organizing tips to keep kids scheduled and happy, is a big time saver. We have used her “High-5” for years and there are so many more little gems on her blog too.

There are lots of others that give me a laugh or are very mom-centric, but the two above are about enjoying the kids, and helping them grow to be their own confident, kind people. I only have a few more years of cuddles before they probably won’t talk to me anymore, so I am going to try my best to make sure that they DO want to talk to me when they are 13, or 15, or whatever. I would love it if they feel like they belong to a wonderful family too. If they feel that they are what helped make it that way… it would be the best. Enjoy~

What are some of the places you go to find good parenting advice or support?