January Favorite Finds 2015: In the Kitchen

My day-job is research.  I teach other people, mostly college kids how to find information.  It’s mostly following a process of finding the right thing for the given purpose at hand.  In my work it happens to mostly be finding the right books or articles to support an argument or theory for an assignment they might have.  For the real-world I search out the best ways to find information in order to solve a problem: where to get the best value in a vacuum, or how to turn an Excel file into a graph, or how to fix my dryer vent.  These are real problems people.  Not mine. But someones.

Point is, I know how to find good things.  I don’t always buy them- but I can find them.

In fact, it is a problem of mine to over-think a lot of purchases in my own life before I can actually get them.  Especially when I am buying a big ticket item.  In that case, I will “research” the heck out of it, to find just the right one before I can make a purchase.  It is just the way I am wired.  People really don’t like going shopping with me- as I only buy something for retail if it is WAY on sale, or I know I will use it a ton.

The up-side is that when I do buy something, I usually like it and use it until it falls apart! Luckily for me, I also receive gifts for things that other people love and think I will love, or gifts that replace the broken thing that I had.

In light of all of this, I am compiling a list of some things that I just love and use a lot.  This post will hopefully be a regular on the blog, of all my favorite little finds, in the many facets of my world.

My January Favorites are from the kitchen, a place I spend SO much of my time:

january kitchen favorites


*1. Salt Box | 2. Ninja System | 3. Original Drying Mat | 4. Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper
| 5. Parchment | 6. Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap

1. Salt Box

I love my salt box! I use coarse kosher salt for most of my cooking; and my technique is to pinch and add, not “shake” salt into my food, so this is key- If you aren’t into the pinch-thing, I know people also love the salt grinders. AKA pepper mills for salt.  I may try that sometime too.

2. Ninja System

A gift.  I asked for either a blender or a food processor, and this is both! It also has a to-go blender bottle.  Since I do smoothies for breakfast all the time, this is an awesome machine.  I will have to post about it in detail later, as I know you will want to know the ins and outs.

3. Original Drying Mat

This is my favorite all-time kitchen item! My mom got this for me for no special reason one-visit, and now I recommend it to everyone! I have a dishwasher, and a two-sink set-up, but I always need more room for drying pans or just dishes.  This is spongy and dries super quickly.  You can hang it up to dry, and if it gets yucky, just throw it in the washer and hang-dry.  It is cheap and awesome! A great hostess gift!

4. Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper

Easy for hot dips or little-sausage appetizers.  So small, so it doesn’t take up  a ton of room on a buffet, and bringing to someone else’s house for an appetizer holder is so easy.  The inside bowl isn’t removable- atleast mine isn’t- but I may shop around (research) for one that does! Let me know if you have one that does~

5. Parchment

I cook everything on parchment: brownies, cookies, granola, bacon, chicken.  It just makes clean-up easy and removal from the pan a cinch too.  Grab the unbleached kind- it probably doesn’t matter, but it just grosses me out thinking of bleach and food.  Not quite the same, but since it is so easy to find I just use it!

6. Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap

It is like the cheapest natural product out there, and as I just mentioned- chemicals touching my food aggravates me and grosses me out a bit.  This smells so good and it suds really nicely.  I linked to their main page, but I know my Target sells it and since I am there more often than I care to admit, I usually just get it there!

I hope you like the list! If you do, feel free to Pin it or Share with your friends!

If you have any great kitchen finds, I’d love to hear about them.  I am always on the hunt for great buys and helpful things in the kitchen for sure!

*Each link above links to a products’ page in order to find out more information (research!) and to purchase the product.  If you choose to make a purchase from some of the links, I may get compensated in some way. All opinions as usual are my own.  I will never recommend anything I don’t love (or at least like very much)!