Joining the Cool Kids: Instagram

Instagram-logo by JAMoutinho, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  JAMoutinho 


Am I late to the party?


Am I too late??

Heeelllls NO!!!

I have an Instagram Account my friends! Not only do I feel like I am up to speed, it was proven to me by my sister in law who affirmed that “yes,” Instagram was “Facebook for ‘cool-kids.'”

Well… not to be undone…I am officially ‘cool’…and yet:

cell phone

… definitely still, me! Yes, I know. It is a relic of a phone for anyone other than children and the elderly…Contrary, me.

I will admit, I would love a smart phone these days.   I may be contrary in nature, but I am also a realist that likes efficiency.  NOT having a smart phone or an Instagram account is starting to work against me…it is making my life harder.  If technology makes my life simpler- I am all for it. I have been fighting the fight- of letting my technology take me over, so this relic (above) is my reminder to myself {and others} that there is a giant (yes, giant) gap in the technology-haves and the have-nots…I have been a have-not…and I have been one-who-haves… so I don’t ever want to lose my edge of empathy…my realization that not everyone even has a cell phone- let alone a smart phone.

I am decidedly not a cool-kid.

I know. You are shocked, as I just got Instagram…on my iPad…how could I not be cool?!

As a blogger, I want all the cool stuff: the social media, the followers, the content, the pictures, the camera, the anything and everything that will make my writing worth reading… As a mom, I want to run and tell my kids that they don’t ever need a phone before they are 16, they won’t ever get a social media account, that privacy and self-worth are more valuable than the number of likes or followers you have… That stuff does not make you cool.

When I finally break down and get a smart-phone…and it might be soon because I really think I want one…and I know how lucky I am to actually have one and afford one… I want to know that I voiced this.  That I at least fought the wave a little, teensy bit.   I have a feeling that Instagram is only the latest in a long line of many social media mountains in my future.  For now I am loving it- for the future, I just hope I don’t lose sight of all the reasons why I fought it for so long.

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