Keep Calm & Go Sledding

keep calm

You may have heard that we in the NorthEast were hit with 2 feet of snow overnight.  We were. Thank goodness we never lost power.  I can’t even tell you how I would feel. So I won’t!

As it was we have snow days.  2 of them. For the kids AND for me! Sigh.  Nothing makes you appreciate working out of the house more, than 2 snow days soon following a weekend.

But you have to embrace the togetherness, or you will go crazy. The blog has been quiet as I have been very busy…

  • Baking cookies
  • Playdoh
  • Making popcorn- around the clock
  • Making  cocoa
  • Making a fire in the fireplace
  • Making snowforts, snow people, snow paths, snow everything!
  • Playing WAY too many iPad & Kindle games
  • Watching movies
  • Playing referee as my kids argue constantly with eachother for things that don’t matter and I can’t remember what I was last doing, because every ounce of my patience is being tried and I am trying not to SCA—REEEM.

Ugh. But none of these (especially the fighting part) are as fun or take you out of your norm as sledding.  I am a kid again speeding down that hill. I swear.  I will forget the fighting.  The kids will forget the fighting.  We will all just have fun.

And by the way, it counts as a good workout, because you have to climb the hill over and over…just for good measure, I climb the hill a lot to count this as my workout for the day!  Or atleast the counterbalance to all those cookies!

So if you are going craycray and pulling out your hair as I seem to be…Keep Calm & Go Sledding!