June Kindness Challenge | Hardly A GoddessHey there. Remember when I did that Kindness Challenge last year? It started out as a list of 22 scripted things to try to do for others, and it ended up as 15 really authentic acts of kindness that made the kids feel awesome and created a great family day for all of us to store in our memory-banks!

Well, that was over a year ago. I am due. All of us are due. Yes, we volunteer at the schools and on the fields, and try to do little things here and there to make others feel loved, but a good one-day-kindness binge, we haven’t done in too long! So it is on, my friends, and I invite you to join me! I am making my kindness day an event. Why? Because it is wicked fun! Kindness is contagious. Kindness is good. Let’s try to exercise our Kindness-Muscles!

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30+ ideas to get your kindness on
over at my new friend, Sarah’s blog, Creating Better Tomorrow! ==>CLICK HERE

Sarah has a wonderful blog built around her own journey of being a twin-mom (eeee! like me!) and learning to create a balanced life with her family, faith and fitness interests. She is an inspiring writer and shares her own personal stories, building a real support for all the craziness we call ‘life with kids!’

I hope to see you on my event page on Facebook, for our Kindness Challenge, if you want to share and sign up some of your great kindness ideas or things that you plan on doing. Hop over and see if you want to try it, for the weekend of June 11-12th or the rest of the month!

And take a sec to check out Sarah’s blog to read the rest of this post as well as all the other greatness over at Creating Better Tomorrow!

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