Let’s Talk About Books: A New Cookbook

I just bought a great cookbook, Good Cheap Eats, by Jessica Fisher author of the blog with the same name, and also of the blog, Life as Mom.

I love my newest addition to my shelves!

I love her blogs, and have gotten several recipes that I use regularly from her, like homemade cream of celery soup (no cans!). She has inspired me with her freezer cooking ideas, and menu plans that she shares regularly on her blog. She has an easy and accessible approach to eating in a more healthful and homemade way. Not preachy or impractical, she advocates “baby steps” to eating better (Intro., p.12).

Her own introduction of the book details the contents well: “The recipes in this book are better for your health – and your pocketbook…”(p11).  Better for you and affordable? Say no more; I am sold!

She uses a guide of $10 for most recipes that feed 4 adult appetites. So for my family of 2 adults and 4 picky eaters, it will be perfect! She gives tips on stretching the meals for feeding more with less and has great ideas for cooking once, and eating twice (see Werewolf Meals, p. 263). Her expertise in freezer cooking is reflected in a section devoted to make-ahead-meals.

The layout of the book is great too. Entire meals, not just recipes are planned out for situations like the ones mentioned above as well as cooking for company, vegetarians, or devout meat eaters. As a bonus, she blogs meal plans based on the recipes from the book! How ridiculously easy it will be to create an entire week of awesome food for my family.

The book is in the same accessible tone and easy manner as her blogs. She offers great new recipes that I can’t wait to try. If the book wasn’t so pretty with wonderful pictures, I’d have dog-eared a ton of pages already. I stopped myself though, and used sticky notes, with future meal plans in mind. I was not disappointed in the purchase of this great book, and my family will be the beneficiaries of some delicious new feasts! My advice? Follow her blogs. Buy the book (or borrow it from your library!). You will be inspired to create some new meals – and I know inspiration to make dinner every night is half the battle!


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