Let’s Talk About Books: Mystery & GoodReads

Ask my kids if I am a scaredy-cat.  I am.  I cannot even watch shows that are creepy or have obviously fake blood, without cringing a little and shrinking away. I either have an overly active imagination, or a dark mind. No idea.  I think imagination… Let’s go with that!

I am more afraid of watching spooky things, than reading them though, and mystery books are decidedly different than scary books.  They may have a death or scary event that happens, but usually the suspense that builds, is in the trying to figure out who did it, or the backstory behind the event.

Mystery books may keep you on edge and may be a bit creepy, but they don’t essentially exist just to scare you.  There’s usually more intrigue and lead-up to an event, than there is gore and suspense.

There are so many styles of mystery and some truly do border on this scary edge, so I am often afraid of starting a book like this for fear that I will find it too much for my own imagination to handle.

Enter the book that I just finished:

The Keep, by Jennifer Egan.

Full of ups and downs and twists and turns, but thoughtfully does NOT get scary.  This story is told in three parts, from different points of view, making it a story within a story, so that the reader is not completely sure of what reality is to the storyteller.  While not seemless, it was entertaining and pulled me quickly through it’s 270 pages. A short and fun read that had me not wanting to put it down.

Full Dark House

Another great mystery/thriller that is not too scary is

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn,

Which of course they turned into blockbuster movie. The author, I think, has cranked out several books after this one too, with similar formulas of suspense.  But unlike others in this category by best-seller authors (Koontz, King, Patterson), I am not afraid of her books.  They are still in the thriller-type category for me though, so I tread carefully.

Gone Girl

Quite different, and I am anticipating it to be really fun is the newly recommended to me mystery series of

Bryant & May, A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery, by Christopher Fowler

Set in London, the story starts with a murder of one of two lifelong detectives.  The surviving detective investigates his partner’s murder, and reflects back on their work together.  It is supposed to be both smartly written, and comical in it’s rich characters and dialogue between these cranky old detectives. I can’t wait.  I am a bit nervous that it may be too scary, but I have to chance it.  A book that involves two 80 year old crotchety detectives is sort of up my alley.  Have you ever seen Columbo? Sherlock Holmes in a modern day type of story…so fun.

Full Dark House (Bryant & May #1)

Are you wondering what this button is with the G? It lets you add the book that I just described to GoodReads.

Do you follow me on GoodReads?  If you are like me, and can’t remember ANYTHING that you have read or are reading, than GoodReads is an online place to put your memory for all of these books. It is social in that you can “connect” with others or see what your friends are reading.  You can see what I have read, or am reading now, and then if I review it, you can see that too.

I know some of you may not really like social media too much. But, I actually really USE Goodreads.  Perfect example is last week, my two sisters-in-law and I were out for dinner, and I was trying to tell one of them the name of the book I was reading…but couldn’t.  I couldn’t remember the name of it, or the author, and we had to wait until I could sort of remember it. My other sister with a smart phone (yes I am the only person in existence without one!) pulled up her app (yes they are mobile of course!) for GoodReads and told me what book I was reading, and the author.  It took all of one minute.  Thank you sista!

The profile page from their site looks like this:


This is just my personal page.  I just wanted you to see what it looks like, and that it is very user-friendly.  Once you create an account (FREE) you just start building your “bookshelf” of books that you have read, want to read, and are reading now.  I never went back and added books that I have read in my entire life before I signed up- I just built my shelf on current reads, but I know that it would be fun to put in all the past books that I have read…but then again, I am not sure I’d remember them! Thank goodness for GoodReads! (Seriously people, this post is not sponsored in ANY way by them, I just really like it.)

To see what I am reading, you can follow me, or on the right hand of this page there is a little image of a few of the books that I have read. Let me know if you join! I love hearing what other people love to read or recommend!