Let’s Talk about Books: October

It’s book-time, my friends!

I just finished a really great audio book, and I want to share it with you:

In my line of work (Library) I have a lot of people around me who have books that they love.  Contrary to what you might think about librarians, the ones that I work with are soooo NOT book snobs at all! They read so many different types of books, some old, some new releases.  The beauty is that most everyone reads for fun.  So I get a lot of suggestions for fun new books to try.

Peter Lovesey, the author of “DIamond Solitaire” was recommended to me by my Library Director.  She said that she was just starting one of his books-not this series- and thought it seemed good so far.  I just looked up the author and found the book that happened to be in the library when I wanted it. See? Both a mix of recommendation and luck!

So what’s this book about? It is a modern-day detective series (15 in total, the most recent published in 2015), based in England, but international in scope. I guess I read the 2nd one and missed the 1st, and am now realizing this, so I may go back and read the 1st, just to get some background.

So needless to say, since the story is based in England, the narration is by a British narrator, named Simon Prebble, who has a great voice. Apparently he is a talk show host, actor and does lots of audio in Britain. His voice was perfect as the main character: a very curmudgeonly detective. I had so much fun listening to him narrate the aging ex-policeman, turned fired security guard-

The other characters are no less interesting: a priest torn between his calling and a sexy parishoner, a young Japanese girl thought to be autistic, a Sumo wrestler, the Mafia, Pharmacutical big-shots and many more.  It has fun twists, and interesting backgrounds into the characters, that draw you along and into this story right through to the well thought out and satisfying ending.

I am definitely going to read either the 1st or the 3rd in this series soon- either in print or audio.  I really like the audio though, especially if the narrator is the same as the one here.

What are you reading? Let me know in the comments!