Let’s Talk About Books: What’s On Your Nightstand?

What’s on Your Nightstand?

let's talk about books

Books from last month:

I have not a clue. I am hoping this series of “What’s On Your Nightstand,” every 4th Tuesday of the month (see? I am late even for this!) will keep me accountable or at least give an account of what I have actually read. Basically serve as a brain. While mine fails me!

Books reading in February:

let's talk about books

Hands Free Mama, Rachel Mae Stafford
I love her blog of the same name as the book. I found it while I was stumbling around the web looking for advice on tweens, and parenting. She is such a calm voice, and gives her story openly about how she went from distracted and detached parenting, to a very connected and intentional approach. I like to read this slowly, and am dog-earing it as I go. Very inspirational, especially as I find myself at wits-end a lot of the time!

Baking with Less Sugar, Joanne Chang
I am interested in baking, and also in reducing the amount of sugar we consume in this house, yes. But not eliminating it. I am a balance in all things, kind of gal, and if I make something homemade, I know how much sugar I am actually using, as opposed to consuming hidden sugars in weird processed foods. I appreciate the baker, Joanne Chang, who is reducing sugar, but still showing her love for it. I find this approach very reasonable, and not in fashion with the all or nothing fad, that I think is ultimately harmful for food, and the people who eat it. Just saying.

The Life We Bury, Allen Eskens
I am almost finished. Hard to start, but now hard to put down! This book was recommended to me, by a co-worker, so I am eager to share with her how it goes.

Baking With Mary Berry, Mary Berry
I am reviewing an ebook version of the book to do a review on my blog, and currently testing out some recipes. So far, so good, but stay tuned for the full review.

Books Listened to in February:

let's talk about books

Life After You, by JoJo Moyes.
Just keep the crying going from the first book, Life Before You about a woman in England, who is the caretaker for a man who is contemplating assisted suicide. I highly enjoyed the book, though I know the subject matter is both difficult and controversial. This second book, is a continuation of the first, but less about the controversy and more about the same woman’s striving to recreate her existence, while she cares for others and strives to live an ethical and fulfilled life.

What’s on YOUR nightstand?

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Books: What’s On Your Nightstand?

  1. morninglightmama

    Thanks for stopping by 5 Minutes for Books! Our editor Jennifer is who turned me onto Jojo Moyes, and I read both MBY and AY with plenty of tears! Will you be wanting to see the movie adaptation this year for MBY? I’m on the fence… I have a history of not being too fond of the practice of turning books I’ve enjoyed into films… we shall see.
    -Dawn, 5M4B

    1. hardlyagoddess@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Dawn! I completely agree about books into movies- If I read it first, no way do I usually go to see the movie, but if I have never read it- it is open-game! So, I will keep JoJo Moyes to book only! I will stop by again to join the monthly night-stand series- totally fun! Thanks for coming by HAG to visit- hope you poke around a bit and check out the site!

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