Meal Plan Monday: A Fall Menu

fall meal plan

Good morning and welcome to Meal Plan Monday, once again! Did you have great eating weekends? I did! I ordered out, almost at every meal it seems, and I was loving the change! The best thing(s) I had this weekend, were delicious Thai noodles, Pad Thai, and a spicy basil chicken dish (that is my lunch today too!). I think that for me to ever to make these dishes myself, I would have had to restock my kitchen entirely, not to mention put in  some serious effort- so it was very worth going to a take-out place for the variety of food, and chance to not cook for a night. De-li-cious.

Now that I had a little break from cooking at all, I feel I can look at the week ahead without too much stress! It has been a little cold this week, so I have a bit of a comfort-fall plan borrowing a couple from my list of healthy dinners:

Mon: Homemade Pizza
Tues: Taco Night!
WedCranberry Pork Roast
ThursShrimp with Goat Cheese & Whole Wheat Pasta
Fri: Baked Chicken Nuggets
Sat: Chicken Meatloaf

I honestly have no idea of the breakfasts, lunches, or sides… but I think as long as I have the basic “main meal” planned the other parts will fall in to place after I do a big shop for the week. I am hopeful anyway!

I have loved linking up with some other blogs to get dinner ideas and meals, so check out OrgJunkie , Mommy Run Fast or Fitness, Health and Happiness  for some great ideas at the link-ups for menus to use to simplify your recipe planning. Have a wonderful Monday, and week ahead!