Menu 3/4-3-10

Here’s the menu for the week- we’ll see if I stick to it! This week is crazy,  so I don’t doubt it will get turned on its head, but better to have a plan, right?

Sun- homemade chix. nuggets, fruit, pasta salad
Mon – stuffed pepper soup (chaos in the kitchen recipe)
Tues -Chicken tacos
Wed -CrockPot gumbo
Thurs -Pasta with Meatballs
Fri -Breakfast for dinner- Quiche and toast, fruit
Sat – party for twins & family (pizza ordered)

snacks: homemade granola bars (simply organized living recipe)

The homemade nuggets are a huge hit for everyone, and my littlest picky eater is coming around from just one lick, to a bite, to a whole nugget! Soon I may have her eating her whole portion, and then I will a total success with this meal!

The crock gumbo is so underrated, but very easy and yummy too- the kids not so much, but as I say, they are still coming around…