Menu 3/12 – 3/18

A little change up of the menu planning.  I like having Sunday accounted for, so I can plan or shop for the rest of the week.  I usually do my shopping on a day off- preferably not more than once a week!  So my menu now goes Monday to Sunday.

Sun: filet steaks and 3-cheese 2x-baked potatoes, green beans
Mon: crock pot black bean soup and grilled cheese
Tues:3 layer taco pie
Wed:spaghetti squash casserole
Thurs:Pancakes for the kids, quiche for us
Fri: MoonDog cooks
Sat: St. Patrick’s Day Feast: CrockPot corned beef and cabbage
Sun: a.m.: hash and eggs (Yankee Clipper!), For dinner it’s Rueben Rolls- corned beef + bread dough + sauerkraut + Thousand Island (Russian) dressing = YUM!