Menu Plan Monday: A Summer Menu

Here’s my meal plan for a short week.  I am thankfully going on vacation and so only needed to plan for 5 meals, one of which is a meal while on vacation, where we take turns cooking, and when it is your turn, you bring the dinner, dessert and the appetizer.  We are doing  my Double Peppered Pork Chops since my sister in law would love these, and my In-laws love pork- the salad is a fun summer salad, and the dessert is chocolates from our trip to Hershey. If you can believe it, they don’t love dessert, but they love chocolate candy- so we are covered.

Many of you are also celebrating this week for the 4th of July Holiday, so the the rest of the week is all you will need.  Here are some ideas from my meal-plan:

Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas (leftover grilled chicken from the weekend)
Steak Roll-ups with Peppers, Zuccchini, jasmine rice
Homemade Chicken Nuggets, veggies with dip

Baked Chicken nuggets
Crockpot Taco Soup, grilled cheeses for kids

taco soup
Vacation Meal: Double Peppered Pork Chops, chopped salad

double pepper pork chop

And that is it.  Another week of meals.  I have honestly been cooking so much lately, none of which is on the blog.  I have the good fortune of having some great cooks as my friends and I am totally inspired to make better food when I entertain with or for them- so I am trying to have more fun and get together with my people more often- it is good for my cooking. A good audience is very good inspiration.  Picky kids are sometimes not so much… Not following any eating program does have it’s advantages too: I have made more Sangria in the past month than I think I have ever had in my life. I am getting pretty good at making it with any type of wine, and with good results.  My Red Sangria recipe has been requested over and over, and will be making a showing on vacation for sure.

red sangria

What are you making this week? This weekend? For the Holiday?  I will be sharing a great salad with you tomorrow that is perfect for a gathering for a party this week…just saying:  Sangria and salad…what more would you really need?

For great meal or holiday recipe ideas, you can check out where I link my recipes and plan up here: and Jill Conyers & Mommy Run Fast.

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  1. Sandy

    I have been loving Sangria lately! I just bought some of the bottled Sangria to add my own fruit to, but now I need to give your recipe a try too!

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