Menu Plan Monday: June

manu plan monday

So this is my menu for the week.  I hope I can remember how to menu plan like a normal-eating person and not on Whole 30! My focus is getting back to cooking ONCE for the family and really emphasizing this in the meal plan, making a lot of food I know my kids love, and also including some new, more ‘challenging’ foods to try.  I have learned, dear friends, that my job is just to put it on the table…and their jobs are to #1 try every item at least one bite, #2 thank me for the meal, after NOT whining at all about what they are served, and #3 ask to be excused and clear their plates. Just basics.

I tried to include some links this time to make it easy for you to ‘Pin’ or get ideas from in your own planning.  Here’s my attempt at being a normal meal planner:

June 7- 13

I did an extra meal, because I sometimes like options…This weekend might be crazy with an upcoming party at our house to celebrate the end of preschool…I can’t believe it is kindergarten for my twins in September.  Where has the time gone?! I know summer will fly by too, so I am creating a summer “Bucket List” and planning out all the weeks, for camps, daycare, and work- Oh My!  Looks like time won’t be slowing down anytime soon~

I am linking up with, and Mommy Run Fast or Fitness, Health and Happiness and their meal plans.  Have a great start to your week!

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