Menu Plan Monday: Keeping it Simple

menu plan mondayWell, everyone, we made it through the first weeks of school, and the start of the soccer season, with all the practices, games, and making sure we bought the right size of whatever we needed for each kid and now I wonder:  “Are you as totally exhausted as I am?!”  The weekend wasn’t really restful at all, but I am hoping to have a more relaxed week ahead…one can hope! So let’s get it started on a good foot, and menu plan!

I am taking a tip this week to “Keep it Simple” with my planning, so I can stick to dinners that are planned and not rushed together at the last minute. If you remember my monthly post had a very simple theme of planning general meals around what you already have:

September Meal Plan

So at the start of the month, my plan for the week was:

  • A whole roast
  • A casserole
  • A crockpot meal
  • Chinese
  • BBQ
  • Pizza
  • Pot Pie

What I am ACTUALLY making based on my grocery shop and what I already have is:

  • Leftovers
  • Salad with chicken for us, freezer ready homemade chicken nuggets or leftover grill food for the kids who eat way early due to activities.
  • A crockpot BBQ pork
  • Homemade chinese stir-fry with store-bought veggie egg rolls
  • Tacos
  • Homemade Pizza
  • Grill/Cookout Food

This is so easy. Very little effort on my part, which I kind of need this week. Something has got to give this week if I am to stop my head from spinning around. Breakfasts this week for me are smoothies only.  I can’t button my pants and I am running more than ever.  Time to reign it in on the breakfast carbs I think! And smoothies are super easy to make and fast too.

Oh, and I made sure to buy myself a nice pound of awesome coffee for the week. That makes me feel better, just knowing that little fact. It is truly the little things. I have to remember this and stop complicating things sometimes to bring back the happy. More is definitely not always better.

How will you simplify your menu this week? 

Check out OrgJunkie , Mommy Run Fast or Fitness, Health and Happiness for some great ideas at the link-ups for menus to use to simplify your recipe planning.

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Keeping it Simple

  1. Sandy

    I am so bad with pulling together meals from what I have. I always need a specific plan. I use a daily simple schedule, where each day has a type of meal assigned and I go from there. It works for our family! We eat very similarly to you guys! We are having tacos tonight!

    1. Post author

      We had homemade pizza tonight- not everyone eats it the same way, but it is easy to tailor it to make them all happy- tacos are like that too I think. I love meal planning even if I don’t stick to it- I don’t run out of ideas or draw a total blank at 5:00!

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