Menu Plan Monday: Last Week Before School Starts

menu plan monday

Ack! I have one week left before school starts for us here, and I just got back from vacation! I think my mind is still there, as I am not really feeling the push to go out and get school supplies, shop for clothes or groceries for the many lunches I will pack: Which since I mention it, is 5 lunches per week, per kid, so for my crew this works out to be 20 lunches a week. If I think about it- this is where all my grocery money will go.  Lunches. Planning for lunches is somewhat easy:

1 sandwich, 2 snacks, water.  This looks more often than not like a peanut butter sandwich, strawberries, chips, cookies, and water. Pretty easy to plan for the basics.  As for dinners…Well, most of it will be on the run with practices and work more or less colliding, and trying to avoid cereal for dinner more than once a week! So I will have to amp up the plans.

This Week’s Plan:

Of course, planning is the best-case scenario. But honestly…Cereal for dinner is not all bad: milk, grain, add a fruit, and you have a pretty good dinner that my kids  will all eat in under 15 minutes flat! I wouldn’t change the way we are doing things too much- being busy with sports is something my kids actually like a lot and since they get a good breakfast and lunch, i know they are eating well. It is the family time together that I love and miss about dinners that go by the wayside.  I know many families try to find a balance and I think planning for the chaos makes me feel like I am choosing to be busy together instead of eating together.

Yesterday, I made some food to freeze, so I would have more ready-to-reheat kind of meals that my husband could heat up when I am driving home from work, or that we could eat later after the kids get fed a quickie meal like pasta with butter before their practices.

I had to stop…I could have gone on, but I only have so much freezer space! I am linked up with OrgJunkie

How do you get ready for school-time dinner-time?