Menu Plan Monday: March Into April

This weekend is rounding out to be a very sick start to a busy week.  Stomach bug.  Not for me (knock-wood) but one of my kids.  So sad.  So sick.  Cooking, and blogging has kind of been on hold this weekend to say the least.

I do have an entire month’s menu plan in store for you all, coming this week, but for now, I will just post my Monday plan that sees us through the end of March and into April- the first week sending us right into Passover & Easter!

march menu

Doesn’t it seem early this year?! Crazy.

The first few days of Passover start at the tail end of this week, which for me involves really only me in my family.  We are a  faithful family of both Catholicism and Jewish- not a long story, but a mixed up one for any of you that like when things fit nicely in a box- I am not that guy- nor do I fit nicely in a box- and proud of that!  We celebrate BOTH holidays but my kids and husband practice only one religion, and I the other.  It works for us, and I know it isn’t for everyone, but then, I would never expect that! Our differences make us the most interesting, huh?  We get a win-win in the holiday department for sure, as my kids get a little bit of both cultures and experiences.

As far as food, that means that I loosely follow all the Passover guidelines of avoiding leavened bread (or any speck of bread) and keeping kosher- which I sometimes do for this week, but it is often super hard, especially in the case of Easter falling on the same week as Passover- I would thoroughly enjoy… ham. Love ham!  I said it was a bit crazy.

So all this said, for the Passover week, I usually eat lots of Matzo, but no bread.  That is about it.  I love the traditional foods of this week like all the matzo dishes, MatzoBrei, Chocolate covered matzah, brisket, apricot chicken, matzo ball soup…the list goes on.  Really good food.  My favorite blog for recipes is Kosher on a Budget.  She has tons of great recipes just for Passover.

For the rest of my family, celebrating Easter day involves a brunch that looks like it will be potluck, so I am excited to not host- although I do like to- and just bring two or three fun Easter dishes that I know I can eat.  Recipes to come on that!

Here is the week in full 7 dinner ideas, as I think it should shake out:

March 29-April 4

  • Steak tips, oven fries, veggies
  • CC Pancakes, eggs, bacon
  • Quick Chicken Marsala, from McKinney Living Blog, salad, bread
  • Salsa Chicken Pasta, veggies
  • Mini-meatloaves, smashed roasted potatoes, veg.
  • baked fish, baked potato, veggie
  • baked brisket

mini meatloaf

Enjoy your week, and stay healthy, and if you celebrate Passover, Good Pesach!

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