Menu Plan Monday: One Week in June

june meal plan | Hardly A GoddessI know that I told you that monthly meal plans have been great…but my boys just “graduated” Kindergarten, and it seems the summer craziness has already started! My schedule is a bit unpredictable and I think, honestly, a one-week plan of attack is the way to go. I have been throwing out unused produce and meat, and the only reason for this is that the one-month plan wasn’t working anymore. So here we are on Sunday, and I think I have a good, easy, plan with lots of leftovers for lunches and enough flexibility that I won’t be wasting food like I had been. Here you are:

June 5- June 11th

Spaghetti & Meatballs, salad (with lettuce from my awesome neighbor’s garden!), bread
Crockpot pulled pork, baked beans, salad
Breakfast for dinner (quiche for us, pancakes for the kids)
Sausage & Tortellini Soup & paninis
Pineapple Chicken (from my fave cookbook, Good Cheap Eats)
BBQ-Pork Quesdillas & cheese for the kids
Homemade Pizzas

barbecue chicken quesadillas

These are the BBQ Chicken, but I will just swap the leftover pork!

Quick & Easy vegetarian quiche | Hardly A Goddess

This quiche is perfect for a quick meal during the week- leftover veggies galore!

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: One Week in June

  1. luciepalka

    I need to get back to meal planning! June has been so busy, we hardly ate at home at all! Yikes! I’m hoping things slow down soon! A weekly meal plan works for me as well!

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