Menu Plan Monday: Week 3 Whole30

whole 30 week 3 meal plan

Oh my Wholey-30-heck. This is a lot of days.  The 30 I mean.  It does.go… slowly!

I am ready with another menu for you all- my workouts have been picking up, so hopefully I can keep up with them and have some energy.  The Whole30 is ‘meh’ on snacks- not prohibited, but not encouraged either, as they say it means you aren’t eating enough for your meals…I sometimes have snacked these past few days, but because I am legit-hungry! I think the diet doesn’t want you to go hungry, but they don’t really want you to snack between meals other than pre & post workout little meals.  I get it.

Call me crazy- but I just find that if I am hungry, I eat.  I will put that in the “it’s a good thing” column. Check-one for me: Eats when hungry. But I also am a snacker- so being aware of whether I am snacking to fill my belly or just because it is in front of me, is good – it puts on the brakes a bit.

I am half way through this thing.  My visit to Hershey Park is coming up {read: THIS will be hard!} so we shall see how tough my resolve is!

So…let’s start the week off, eating well and planning for it once again!  Here is Week 3 of a Whole 30 Plan!

1 Egg scramble, potato cake, aidell sausage, berries Scrambled egg with chicken sausage, red pepper sauce,berries Egg scramble, Asian meatball, grapefruit Egg, potato cake, greens Salmon cakes, berries Leftover soup, harboiled egg 2 fried eggs, aidell sausage, greens sauted,fruit salad
2 Asian slaw with grilled chicken Kale salad, chicken hardboiled egg, berries Tuna with avocado over greens, apple with sunbutter Salmon cakes over salad, apple with sunbutter Butternut squash soup, orange, nuts 2 fried eggs, aidell sausage, orange slices Hardboiled egg, tuna, salad, nuts
3 Chicken legs, kale salad, roasted potatoes Asian Meatballs, broccoli, potato cake Pork Chops, broccoli, sweet potato Crockpot Beef stew, fruit salad Baked Whole Chicken, roated sweet potato,spinach Grilled Fish, potatoes, saute of kale Soup- salad

This is more of a plan, that I will actually make- I think I am getting better at not extending myself to make big, new recipes last minute…We all suffer when that happens!  I made the Asian Meatballs  already for dinner on Monday, and I made some Red Pepper Sauce from the Whole30 book- de.lic.ious!  Prepped a bunch of lettuce, and… totally sick of cooking! Bam!

But won’t that glass of wine taste good on Day 31? …I may drink it for breakfast.


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