Menu Plan Monday: Week 4, Whole 30

whole 30 week 4

So, this week is a bit different.  I am entering the last phases..but not the last week of the Whole 30.  This is Days 21-27 in case you are following along- and if you are not, this still may be of use to you I hope!

1 Travel-no idea! Travel-no idea! Travel-no idea! Eggs with avocado, aidells chix. Sausage berries Homemade sausage, greens, salsa egg, avocado, and tomato salad, leftover roasted potatoes Homemade sausage, fried egg, monkey salad (banana, and cashews)


2       Tuna with avocado, salad W30 dressing, orange Salad with salmon cake, mixed berries nuts Salad with salmon cake, orange Salmon cakes over salad, apple with sunbutter
3     Pork Chops, broccoli, sweet potato Ratatouie, and turkey burger (no bun), baked sweet potato Grilled Greek Chicken (kalyn’s blog), roasted potatoes, asparagus Steak on grill, grilled veggies Soup- salad

Next week will be my last meal plan for Whole 30-Whoot, whoot!  In case you want other recipes that are NOT necessarily Whole 30, check out my Recipe Archives.  Have a great Monday!