Menu Plan Monday- Without an oven…

Thank goodness for the grill! We have cooked outside 2 nights this weekend, thanks to a working grill and good weather. I love cooking outside. I love it.

Grilling Bible

My Summer Cooking Bible…xoxo, Dinosaur BBQ!

My favorite meal is hamburgers or hotdogs, corn, potato salad, and tomatoes.  Simple.  For all my love of cooking and recipe-hunting, my biggest pleasure is eating cook-out standards!  While we are not quite there as far as seasonal veggies, the weather this weekend was a great sneak-peak into a summer right around the corner filled with ripe tomatoes and delicious corn- A meal in itself.

I am running a giveaway here tomorrow (WhootWhoot!) so I will get on with the meal plan…at least in theory! Having no oven, means I have worked around a set plan and worked more with re-arranging meals according to what I can actually make.

Here you are and hope to see you tomorrow for the review and giveaway!

This is the original plan from the April Month-Long Menu Plan:

April 19- 25

  • Chicken Parmesan (freezer), salad
  • Crockpot Chuck Roast
  • Pancakes, Homemade turkey sausages (via Good Cheap Eats blog)
  • Chuck Roast pulled beef sliders, potato fries
  • Tacos with taco seasoning
  • Fish on the grill, veggies, rice
  • Steak Tips, veg. kabobs

What I will make is actually close to this, but minus maybe the chicken parm, as I did that last week, having to switch things around then too.  That is exactly why I like the plan though- I have ideas for what to make, at the ready, in case I am crunched for time or organization- two things that I never have enough of!

If you need some meal ideas, check out rut-busting,  5 great Chicken recipes, or I am also linking up with, and Mommy Run Fast or Fitness, Health and Happiness which have loads of good recipe ideas.