Million-dollar Jam

Most people call a great recipe, “Million-dollar (whatever it is)” because it tastes like a million dollars…That is to say, really good.  I call this jam, “million-dollar jam” because it cost pretty much a million dollars.  Actually sixty dollars.  But I can think of a lot of ways to spend $60. and jam is not one that I’d pick!

We went strawberry picking last week.  Awesome berries- so fragrant and a fun day spent with friends and kids having a farm-to-table hands in the dirt experience- wonderful.  It is the end of the school year and what better gift to the teachers who work so hard all year, then a nice jar of homemade jam?

Well, I got lots of berries, and went back (after the shortcake, strawberry lemonade, and general eating had depleted my stash) to buy even more berries.  I had to purchase the pectin, a funnel (as I used no funnel last year and it was a royal mess!), the jars, and more sugar. Enter the $60 total.

Okay then. Jamming.  I’ve posted before that I have made jam a few times- not hard at all, but for reasons beyond my control, or in in spite of this, my jam did not set.  ERG.  I have a medium set of runny jam, and will now try to re-boil with more pectin and re-jar.  Not excited, and I’ve read that it can get gummy at this point from the over-pectin-boiling of it all. If you are an expert Jammer, please comment/advise! For those not on the jam-making train, I get it.  I really do.  The idea and end result are yummy, but if your fruit is too juicy, the pectin old, the jam not boiled enough…you’d better like strawberry syrup, or re-doing things and using lots of time and money in the process.

For the time being, now that the $60. fiasco has blown-over a bit, I am really loving the flavor of my jam, and  if I keep it steady on my english muffin, in the crannies, it tastes like a million bucks: delicious!