Monday is Fun-Day: A Menu Plan


Sundays of late have been truly great: relaxing, visits with family and friends, celebrations, lunches out, and breakfasts in… Just sunshiny and super sweet.

This is why I think that if Sunday is Funday, then Monday is also Funday or should at the very least be close… Say, maybe Fun-Day with a hyphen.  That way no one would dread Mondays and we would all be having a bit more fun. It is proven to bring us happiness after all- Fun is Fun!

In that light, I am bringing you my Monday-Menu of fun! So let’s call it Menu-Plan Monday…I already do that! See?! I am way ahead of the game here.  Let’s call it, I don’t have to cook for 3 nights this week! That IS fun! Whoot!

Here’s what I’ve got for the other 4 days:

Menu Plan August 2- August 9

buffalo chicken pizza

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