Monday Menu: Vacation Meal Planning

vacation meal planning

So every year we vacation with  another family to a house, where we all share dinners for 7 nights.  It has been a few years of trial and error(s) and this is how we make it work:

I shop for 2 dinners. The other mom shops for 2 dinners.  The other 3 of the 7 nights are a mix of left-overs, dinners out and maybe we pick up food on vacation or go out again! It works for us.  I used to make way more food to bring to vacation and make it there…and I never felt like I had a vacation. No more.  Now, I always feel like I get to have a week of fun too.

We split up all the shopping since we live together for a week and our kids and their kids will basically being eating from the same refrigerator and wanting the other person’s cereal…we just all share food- we buy half, and they buy half. Easy right? It’s like splitting the bill when you eat out will a bunch of people- you just split it evenly- and don’t worry about either the extras or the less-than amounts…I feel like it all comes out in the end.

So where’s the planning? Well, here’s what we do:

  1. First, we decide how much food we need: This trip, we’d pack enough for 7 days and plan for 7 dinners.
  2. Make a list of breakfast, lunch and dinner things that we thought to put on our list that our family would eat.  Email it to the other person.
  3. Cross off duplicated items from the other person’s list.
  4. Go over dinners we think everyone will like-and decide on the planned dinners that we will make- kids included. Then we decide who buys for what dinners- In our case this year, each of us buying everything that we’d need for the two dinners we each will do.
  5. Divvy up who buys what, trying to keep the two shopping list costs even.
  6. Make a list of things that both of us will buy, ie. water, beer, paper goods, snacks.

That is it. Well, now I go shopping and if I can pre-cook or prep-cook anything, I will do that the week before so I get that much more of a break the week of vacation…because I am not willing to leave the beach early (especially as I love love love the later-afternoon hours on the beach) just to prep dinner…sorry my children, we will eat out before I will do that this week!

This is my meal plan for the week before vacation, remembering to keep it simple so I can shop for the week ahead, while still making dinners for this week…oy!:

August 10th – August 17th

  • Sticky Garlic Chicken & Broccoli– never made this, but it looks simple, fast, and most importantly YUM!  Serve with jasmine rice, and…well…broccoli.
  • Homemade pizzas

homemade pizza

I have to admit I got my ideas from Pinterest Boards that I  am completely reliant upon in wake of brain-fryedness (it is a word). Here’s my recent fave:

Follow Hardly a Goddess’s board Eat your heart out! Healthy Eats. on Pinterest.

And of course, I am linked up with OrgJunkie for even more great ideas! I am sharing not one but TWO recipes this week for your summer eating…and one fun giveaway too! So stay tuned and come back to visit this week!