Month-Long Meal Plan: May ~ Focus on Healthy

Month-long Menu Plan | Hardly A Goddess

Ack! It is May. As in right before June. As in tank-top and t-shirt weather. That means I have to keep it lean this month, my friends. If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I have lots of healthy recipes and lots of Whole 30 posts, but I am not up for that bit just yet. The plan this month is just to keep the simple-carbs at a minimum and to pump up the protein and veggies (at least for my husband and myself).

So the printable plan for the month is here. It is a Google Doc, so you can open it there and the links stay clickable so you can refer back to them.Meal Plan May Calendar | Hardly A Goddess

I have the idea that if I make ahead on Sundays a bunch of food for the week, I can stick with a good eating plan for lunches and snacks. So this Sunday, I am planning to make (Oops, maybe on Saturday, Sunday is Mother’s Day!):

Make-Aheads for lunches/snacks:
Grilled Chicken
Boiled Eggs
Roasted Veggies
Cut up raw veggies
Trail Mix

Enjoy & have a great May of eating!

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  1. Kendra

    I’m impressed that you can plan out an entire month at a time! My weekly planned meals tend to last me about two since we either end up with leftovers that I forget to take for lunch or have changing plans.

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