Moving Right Along

Today is an “off” day of many kinds. It is a mid-week off day for work as well as an off training day. Tomorrow is an 11 mile run day. And a work day. How does that work? I know how it would work if I didn’t have a 1 1/2 hour commute. Or four kids, two of which have a 5:30 game tonight. Not sure. I will have to talk to the MoonDog about scheduling this one for sure.

Patriot Place
Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

I am trying to focus on the summer bucket list on my 2 day off a week, so this morning we took advantage of air-conditioning on a hot day, and went to the Patriot Place shops where the NE Patriot Football Team Plays. In the off season, this is a great place for strolling with lots of restaurants and bars if you are on a date or girls-night or even lunch, but with my kids I went to the free-movie and story time every Tuesday where they “met” Arthur from the story books, Arthur, and they got free pizza. Fun. A good way to get cool and out of the house. We capped it off with a stroll and some frozen yogurt for lunch. Because that is how the bucket list goes. We just do it. Now we are home, and playing happily and headed to the town-pool for more cooling off. I love this day. No where to be or anything to do. Just perfect for a summer day at home with my kids.