My favorite present ever…

I love my birthday.  I love having a cake and opening a present or two.  Now with the kids, I love having them draw homemade cards, and wrap their own gifts. 

I must have told the girls about a time when I was little. Just finishing my birthday party, I waited for a present to come from my parents. My dad started to walk toward me with a garbage bag, and played that it was the garbage from all the wrapping paper.  I was stunned and confused that they wouldn’t have gotten me anything.  I think I was on the verge of melting down, before he let up that the bag was a present to open.  Long story short, it was a bike.  An awesome bike with a banana seat and fiery colors. It was a hand-me-down, I knew, but I loved it.  I loved it enough to tell all of this in great detail to my daughters during pillow-talk two years ago, and they still love telling the story back to me.

I loved that bike, because I knew my dad didn’t want to get me a banana-seat bike.  He was adamant that I was ready for a ten-speed, and he didn’t want to spend the money on a bike that I’d outgrow.  But he got it.  I loved that bike.

I was shopping for the presents that this busy birthday month requires, and as far as presents go, the kids are generally easy to buy for.  I can always think of something that they will love, have wanted, or will want to play with or wear, or (not)share for the next few weeks, and if I am a really good picker, the next few months.  But MoonDog is another story.  I never seem to get him what he wants.  I go left and he expects right. I have successfully gotten him maybe one present of many over the years and I think it probably cost like $15. bucks!  This year I played it safe and got him what he wanted for Christmas from me and didn’t get! We’ll see!

I have to say that I really think that a present can show the thoughtfulness of the giver.  honestly, I am often just so busy, that presents can be less than thoughtful, and more of a trial. But if I have time,  I really try to think of the one thing a person will love, and try not to cross that line to being indecisive, and not buying anything at all!

The thing that made my bike so awesome, other than the seat and the flash of red to orange to blue on the side, is that despite the fact that he hated it- my dad bought the bike.  Although we may think we are clever in our present-searching – the best gifts are the ones that sometimes are the hardest to give.

How do you find the perfect gift?