My New Best Friend: The Foam Roller

I have said it before and I will say it now:

Foam Roller, I love you!

This guy is sort of what I use.  My roller is old, like me, and hard as a rock…not like me! Basic white, and 36 inches long, so I won’t fall off it (!), this roller is the BEST for massaging out kinks, knots, IT band issues, and all sorts of horrible things that accumulate in your muscles after you workout.

This is the poster of the exercises that I do:

(Pin Image from OPTP))

I lost it for a whole week, and I offered to pay my kids good money to find it, which of course they could not…

But I did! It was tucked away somewhere really good, so the boys would stop whacking each other with it. See? Aren’t I such a good mom, that I hid it from them?! Too good. Next time, I will let them play. Until I can put it away where I will find it anyway!

Do you foam roll? It hurts. I won’t lie. But it is like a deep tissue massage-hurt. It really gets into the muscles to stimulate healing and blood flow where you roll it. I suffered from It band problems last year with running so much without training the other muscles in my legs {read: hips! Do hip work!} The roller every time before & after I ran, along with some hip strengthening, got my IT back into acceptable run-mode. I totally swear by rolling. Love this thing!

*This post was NOT sponsored in any way! And even if it was, I would only give my 100%  honest opinion to you about any product!  Keepin’ it real.

foam roller