National Running Day is here!

Hey! It’s National Running Day! Why do I run?

Welll, I used to run to keep in shape for sports…but as a grown woman who doesn’t do competitive sports, running has grown to be a habit and an easy and cheap workout.  I started running with my husband when we first met, and most of our first dates were running together after work.  He doesn’t run with me anymore because he can’t but I have always thought it was easier to fit in a quick run while the kids napped (my husband works from home) or fit it in at any time for atleast 30 minutes, versus going to the gym which can suck up an hour between driving there and back and working out!

I run now for a lot of reasons.  A big one is to stay fit and so I can usually eat what I want without worrying too much about gaining weight. Another one is my sanity.  I should have put this first.  If I don’t workout I get grouchy, but running has a faster way to tap into those happy-hormones that make me a nicer person!  I like the freedom of it.  I like that I only need sneakers and a bra to do it. I like that I just walk outside, and don’t have to drive somewhere first in order to run.  There are so many reasons why I love it.  It stretches me, and is my time to clear my head and stretch my limbs.

There have been times that I didn’t like to run, or didn’t want to – for sure.  Last year, though, I wasn’t able to run- as in, my body hurt just trying to go down the stairs let alone running a mile! I told myself that I wouldn’t do another marathon or push my body too far, if only I could just have a little run here and there…So now I am healed and pushing the envelope, as I am apt to do, but have learned to respect the body and what my limits are.  I know I need to cross train to prevent my knees from springing.  I know that rest is good.


Right now my biggest running-related goal is to start 1/2 marathon training for the August Tromptown Run in NY- an old-school run that winds around manure covered, cow peppered fields in the middle of nowhere…and I love it!  Then after that, if I feel good- continue the training until October’s RI marathon.  We shall see. For now, I am enjoying my knees and my running.

I hope you are enjoying yours.  Stretch the limbs, and quiet that run.  It is amazing.

I am linking up today with Running Out of Wine. { the blog, not the reality!}

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